The Book of Groges

When you read Volume One: Dust Wars, you're introduced to the Book of Groges. This is the Fairyland guide to living (a bit like their Bible) but is only accessible to a few of them and only really gets consulted in times of great difficulty.

The Book of Groges plays its own part in David's story as he steps up to his new role as King of the Fairies. However, it's never been fully interpreted and to rectfiy this, over the next while, the whole of the Book of Groges will be developed here - and you can have your say on how it's done via Levante's blog.

During this process, any suggestions will be reviewed by not only David, but Felixx and other important characters from Fairyland - after all, it's their lives and future that we'll be interpreting and putting into human language for the first time. So, please join in and assist David in developing the Book of Groges and help secure the future of Fairyland for generations to come.

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